A Learning Outcome Generator

Learning Outcome Generator

Examples include:

  • Photosynthesis
  • Conjugate Spanish "er" verbs
  • Calculate a standard deviation
  • Use the library full-text databases
  • the work of Tesla

What taxonomy do you want to use to develop your outcome?

Bloom's Taxonomy Categories

  • Remember
  • Understand
  • Apply
  • Analyze
  • Evaluate
  • Create

Fink's Taxonomy Dimensions

  • Foundational Knowledge
  • Application
  • Integration
  • Human Dimensions
  • Caring
  • Learning to Learn

At what level do you want them to learn ?

What dimension do you want to use to create an outcome for ?

You may want outcomes using more than one dimension for a given item but please choose the primary dimension for this outcome.

How do you want them to ?

Remembering includes recalling or recognizing facts, definitions, and other previously learned information

Understanding includes constructing meaning from materials and experiences

Applying includes applying general principles, methods, or concepts to specific procedures in different situations

Analyzing includes breaking material or concepts into parts to determine how they relate to one another and the overall structure

Evaluating includes making judgments based on criteria and standards (Critical Thinking)

Creating includes putting elements together to form a coherent, functional whole (Creative Thinking)

Foundational Knowledge includes understanding and remembering information and ideas

Application includes

  • critical thinking
  • practical thinking
  • creativity
  • managing projects
  • performance skills

Integration includes connecting

  • ideas
  • people
  • realms of life (contexts)

The Human Dimension includes learning about oneself and others

Caring includes developing or strengthening

  • feelings
  • interests
  • values

Learning to Learn includes

  • becoming a better student
  • inquiring about a subject
  • becoming a more self-directed learner

Choose one below

HINT: It helps if you start with an "ing" verb

Examples include:

  • completing hands-on activities
  • explaining case studies
  • discussing concepts in forums
  • giving presentations
  • building web pages
  • organizing data
  • making diagrams or charts
  • gathering photo or video examples
  • advocating for a particular stance or perspective
  • demonstrating the appropriate use of a tool or strategy
  • diagnosing problems
  • giving appropriate and constructive feedback to others
  • creating diagrams or maps showing connections between multiple ideas
  • collaborating with team members responsibly and ethically

You have generated the following learning outcome:

The students will by .

Is it observable and measurable?